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How to Get Started Right-Sizing Your Garden (8 photos)

Life changes often mean many adjustments, including to the garden. Perhaps you’ve maintained a large property and now are moving to something smaller. Maybe a job transfer has relocated you to a city and, instead of a yard, you have…

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When It Comes to Keeping Up Flint’s Parks, It Takes an Army

Quincy Murphy stands near the basketball courts at Dewey Park in Flint, Michigan. Now a community gathering place, the park was once "infested" with drugs, Murphy says. (Photo by Scott Atkinson)

“What’s up, Q?” a man says, dribbling…

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hirosaki apple design award 2017 register now!

the award invites creatives from around the world to promote japan's prefecture of aomori - the largest producer of apples in the country. The post hirosaki apple design award 2017 register now! appeared first on designboom | architecture &…

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Are Philly Urbanists Jumping the Shark With Parking Fight?

Vehicles parked in the median of South Broad Street in Philadelphia (AP Photo/Jeff McMillan)

In 2015, shortly before Philadelphians elected a new mayor and five new city council members, a handful of citizens formed a political action committee…

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