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The Joyful, Clutter-Free Home: Kitchen (8 photos)

From quick weekday breakfasts grabbed on the way out the door to special-occasion dinners planned and prepared with care, the kitchen is nearly always a hub of household activity — which also means it’s a common place for clutter to…

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Making Sense of a Seed Packet (7 photos)

Sowing seeds is an easy and inexpensive way to get a garden going. Make the most of your experience by starting with an in-depth look at what your seed packets can tell you. Then, when it’s time…

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Shop Houzz: Up to 70% Off Farmhouse Kitchen Must-Haves (145 photos)

The hardworking and comfortable elements of a farmhouse kitchen include sturdy hardware, warm textiles and natural colors. You can achieve this look by making functionality your first priority and letting the rest follow suit.Sale ends February 25, 2017.

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