May 2016

Semi-Finalists Announced in “Memorials for the Future” Competition

"American Wild: A Memorial," one of the semi-finalist designs, would project high-definition visuals of the 59 national parks onto the interior of D.C. Metro stations. (Credit: Van Alen Institute)

Thirty semi-finalists have been announced in the “Memorials for the Future”…

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Design Calendar: Where to Go and What to See in June (16 photos)

Get ready to swoon in June. Whether you love designer silverware, sleek modern chairs or creative landscapes, the designers of the world have surprises in store for you. Here are the details on some top design-related events around the globe…

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Plant Black Cherry Trees for the Birds and Bees (6 photos)

Black cherry (Prunus serotina) is a common deciduous tree in Midwestern and Eastern forests, but it’s unusual. Most of the deciduous trees in these North American woodlands are wind-pollinated, producing separate male and female flowers before the leaves emerge in…

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Your City Needs a Local Data Intermediary Now

(Photo by couchmedia via flickr

Imagine if every community nationwide had access to their own data — data on which children are missing too many days of school, which neighborhoods are becoming unaffordable, or where more mothers are…

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