January 2017

Baltimore PD App Aims to Get Community and Cops Talking

Baltimore Police Officers at Camden Yards (Credit: GoBlue85)

Touting transparency, the Baltimore Police Department has released an app allowing residents to submit crime tips and receive alerts, the Baltimore Sun reports. The app will also make department…

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Shop Houzz: Your February Home Shopping List (136 photos)

Outsmart winter, with its frigid outdoors and its germ-filled indoors, by making your home healthy and inviting. This February, bring in items that will purify the air, help you eat healthfully and keep your spirits up. We’ve rounded up everything…

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How to Check the Quality of a Contractor’s Work (7 photos)

It’s been my experience that many people, when looking to hire a remodeler, go through a basic, surface-level “background check” of candidates. They meet with them in person, they check out their online portfolio and reviews, and they ask around…

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