April 2017

Solve Sofa Squabbles (13 photos)

Having enough seating is key to living-room harmony — and it’s got to be comfy. No one wants to be the one stuck on the hard-backed dining chair when everyone else is lounging on the sofa. Whether you have a…

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12 Ways to Fill Your Built-In Planter (15 photos)

Built-in planters are hardworking garden elements, often doubling as the backs of bench seats, acting as retaining walls for slopes or providing planting space on roof decks and terraces. However, it can be a bit tricky to figure out which…

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Houzz Call: Show Us Your College Dorm Room (4 photos)

Does your dorm room draw a crowd because it’s so stylish? Have you created a floor plan to make the most of every square inch? How about smart storage solutions? Or tips on living with a roommate? If you have…

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Shop Houzz: 3 Looks for a Gray Sectional (160 photos)

As a versatile base, a gray sectional is a great piece to build your room design around. Get the foundation for a chic urban or country-inspired living space with furnishings from this collection. These inviting pieces come in a range…

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