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Good Design for a Bad World

Eindhoven pioneers use of scent and light to “influence the behaviour of people” in crowds

Scent and coloured lights could be used to reduce aggression in city streets, according to a crowd-behaviour expert who spoke at Dezeen's talk about design and terrorism at Dutch Design Week 2017. Read more

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Seven designers from the Change the System exhibition who are tackling global issues

Designers are working harder than ever to create projects with a social and environmental conscience, according to the curator of an exhibition about "changemakers" at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Here's a look at seven figures leading the charge...

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Design can help people understand consent and sexual etiquette, says Embassy of Intimacy curator

Intimacy is an "urgent topic" for designers to address in the light of revelations about sexual harassment in Hollywood and elsewhere, according to the curator of an exhibition held at Dutch Design Week. Read more

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Movie offers a look inside the People’s Pavilion from Dutch Design Week

This captioned movie features the venue for Dezeen's Good Design for a Bad World talks at Dutch Design Week – a pavilion designed by Bureau SLA and Overtreders W, which was built using only borrowed and recycled materials. Read more

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