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Getting Back To Normal After Surgery

New York City autumnHappy Sunday! I’ve had such a lovely weekend and finally feel like I’m starting to feel more normal after a rough three weeks or so. Over on Instagram I’ve spoken a little about a surgery I had two weeks ago, but now that I’m back on my feet and feeling stronger I figured I’d bring you guys up to speed with what happened.

Three weeks ago I suddenly started to get intense pain down the entire right side of my face. It was a pain like no other I have ever experienced and it came in waves. I would be walking down the street absolutely fine one second and the next I would be doubled over in pain unable to move or talk. Fair to say that it was kinda scary. I ended up having a scan around my head which revealed the problem was coming from my jaw: a wisdom tooth hidden under the gum was growing into the jawbone and had completely crushed the root of the tooth next to it, as well as ruin the bone in that area. I had to have surgery where they removed the two teeth by cutting through the gum and drilling out the bone with the hidden wisdom tooth. As a precaution, they also removed two other wisdom teeth during the operation. Then, as they had to remove the bone around the hidden wisdom tooth, I had to have a bone graft in the hopes it will encourage the bone in my jaw to regenerate over the next three months. If it’s successful, I’ll be able to have an implant drilled into the jawbone and then three months after that they can place a tooth onto the implant. So if all goes well, there will be two more procedures over the next six months to get my right jaw back on track.

After the operation I could hardly open my mouth and I was unable to eat solid foods for a week, plus I was on a lot of medication so I was pretty much out of it and felt very weak. The good news is that I had a check up with the surgeon at the start of the week and he said I was recovering well – yay! I feel so fortunate to have received such incredible care and to have had my loving heart mate by my side throughout the whole process. Thanks to everyone who has sent such sweet and thoughtful messages asking how I am over the past two weeks, I really appreciated each and everyone. So, now that I’m on the mend I thought I’d share some of my highlights from my first weekend back in action. Let’s go!

1. Taking a walk through Central Park at golden hour as the autumn leaves start to turn into an abundance of color.dream decor book French edition2. Receiving copies of the French edition of my second book, Dream Decor – what a thrill! This now takes the total number of different language editions of my books around the world to eleven, which blows my mind. You can shop the English language edition here.Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair3. My color-loving eye caught sight of this beautiful Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair at my photoshoot with Esquire magazine and Three Olives vodka on monaco ombre grey sweater4. To celebrate the French edition Dream Decor, I treated myself to this ombre sweater. I love it! Sorry for the grainy iPhone pic; it was a quick dressing room snap I did as a poll on IG Stories. Why is the quality so poor on pictures taken in-app?!New York City autumn5. OK, so this is a fall wreath done right – wow! If you want to make a smaller scale version one of your own, check out my DIY fall leaf wreath post!vintage danish pendant light6. Loooooved this vintage Danish 1920’s copper pendant but the price was prohibitively expensive. Alas, I admired it from afar!Snowe Home showroom store7. Snowe Home know how to give a good #shelfie. Loved exploring their gorgeous NYC showroom.New York City autumn8. When the colors of the leaves match the classic NYC cabs you know that autumn in New York City has arrived. Now, if only the temperatures would cool down and be more seasonal!bklyn clay9. I spent Saturday night at Bklyn Clay listening to Eric Landon of Tortus speak about his career while throwing pots to live music. I had such a blast and it was mesmerizing to watch him work.Concorde New York city tour10. The weekend of incredible experiences continued on Sunday morning as my heart mate and I took a tour of a British Airways Concorde jet. As a total #avgeek I loved every minute – if you’ve quick you might be able to catch the highlights in my Instagram Story! Either way, if you are in NYC I highly recommend you check it out at the Intrepid Museum. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I’ll be back this week with lots of updates from the beach house renovation. I’m so excited to share them!

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